Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (64GB) – My Experience

For the past 6 months I have been toying with the idea of leaving Apple products and returning to Windows.  I use MS Office and thus far nothing comes close to it.

I initially switched over to Apple back in 2008 when I bought a Macbook.  From there, I switched from a Nokia to a iPhone and eventually got my whole family to change too, including my mother!

The Surface Pro 2 (SP2) was an interesting concept when Microsoft announced it – a tablet that was a full blown PC.  On 22 October I picked up one and here began my relationship with it.

Firstly, I was surprised at how heavy it was.  I compared it to my wife’s Macbook Air 11inch (MBA) and it felt much heavier and not as well balanced as the MBA.  The screen was nice but actually quite difficult to get used to as the text was way to small for prolonged activity.  In terms of speed – I had no complaint.

My biggest disappointment was when I connected it to an external monitor, both through a USB dock and a native mini-HDMI to HDMI connector.  Unlike the MBA – the SP2 did a very bad job of upscaling to higher resolution and again the text was very poorly rendered onto the external monitor.

After 4 weeks of persevering, I decided that there were way to many ‘gremlins’ to make the SP2 my main computer.  So I sold it and bought a iMac!

Unfortunately, though Microsoft has done a very commendable effort to sake up the consumer computer market – it still has a long way to go to match Apple’s ‘It just works’ mantra.



England vs. Germany – The outcome

So, here it is -my experience at Wembley Stadium watching England play Germany.  Actually, it was the Germany ‘Youth’ team as many of the top stars were being rested.

England played well but lacked the killer instinct in the final third i.e. scoring goals.  Germany were quite defensive but on reflection, controlled the game.


Wembley Stadium is truly a magnificent stadium.  Although seating 90,000 – it is still imitate. However, it is quite expensive as two hot dogs and two coffees costing £17.20 demonstrated!